Want to go to the Beach?.… Again…?

I’ve always dreamt of living in a place that had fun things to do. Now I know you’re probably thinking, “Alyssa! You’re from the Caribbean, stop complaining and just go to the beach! The beach is fun!” and I’m going to go ahead and stop you right there.

Think about it like this: If you could go to the beach everyday … would you really want to?

Now, before you answer, I should let you know that the only other fun things to do on St. Maarten would be to hang out in Philipsburg, go to the movies, go out for food, go on a boat trip, or go to the club. That’s it. Those are the only options. We don’t have real shopping malls… we don’t have cool concerts or sport events … and we don’t have places like bowling alleys, or playdium…so with that being said… would you really want to go to the beach everyday? As someone who was born and raised on St. Maarten, I can tell you, it gets really old doing the same thing all the time.

Canada literally has anything and everything I’ve ever dreamt of having access to. From bowling alleys, to indoor trampoline parks, to concerts, to sports events, Toronto has it all! Although we have similar events such as prom and “concerts” they are NOTHING alike…


How my friends and I dressed for prom…


How my CANADIAN roommate and her friends dressed for prom…

How my CANADIAN roommate and her friends dressed for prom…


Concerts here are real. I use that word a lot in my posts because I feel like St. Maarten isn’t apart of the “real” world yet. If you get what I mean by this, then bless your soul, and if not, keep reading and you’ll see what I mean. Concerts here are L-E-G-T-I-T. You buy tickets, and you get an actual section and seat number on the ticket. Prices vary based on where you’re going to sit, how close you are to the stage, your view etc. That’s the way it should be, right?Well, when we have concerts on St. Maarten, IF we ever do, they’re either on the beach or at The Carnival Village.

Our "seats" at The Commodores Concert

Our “seats” at The Commodores Concert

That’s not the problem, beach concerts are great and The Carnival Village is always a great time, but the concerts only happen during The Heineken Regatta in March, or Carnival during April and May. Concerts are also very different. They aren’t as big as they are here or in the States, even though sometimes we get cool artists like Rick Ross and The Party Rock Crew.


What I’m trying to say is that when we’re used to something always being there, or grow up knowing it’s there, we start to take things for granted. So next time someone asks you what you want to do, instead of saying “there’s nothing fun to do here” or “I’m tired of doing that” just think, you could have far fewer options… so make the best of what you’ve got!!





4 thoughts on “Want to go to the Beach?.… Again…?

  1. I’m from Australia so I totally get this! We literally have nothing to do except go to the beach and go to clubs and our concerts get cancelled all the time because the artists can’t be bothered as we’re usually their last stop 😦 but I moved to the US a few months ago and I agree that things here is more ‘real’ its so great


    • I’m glad you can relate!! Hahaha everyone here thinks I’m crazy because of how excited I get to do fun things like go bowling, or go to a shopping mall :p It’s so easy to take little things for granted when you grow up having them around! Feel free to check back in a few weeks once I’ve edited this post, and thanks for your comment! 🙂


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